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When it comes to house hunting we know you're probably ready with your price range and a few other must haves. Here at Realty San Miguel we'd like to encourage you to think outside the usual parameters and consider other lifestyle features that might be equally important.

For example, will you need large spaces for entertaining? Would your quality of life be improved considerably if you could just watch the sunset every day? Perhaps you'll be living in your house only part of the year and hoping to receive some rental income on it the rest of the time. Or maybe you've got a dog that just can't live without grass. Think about these questions as you take the survey below, and when you're done, you'll not only have a much better idea of the type of house you'll be happiest in, but you'll also have a much better chance of finding it!

One more thing...although many clients value efficiency in their house shopping, others would like to have a broader idea of what's available - even if it's outside of their specifications. If this is you, or you really don't know San Miguel de Allende that well, click "I would like a tour" in the first menu box.

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