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courtyard I've been doing a music blog for a couple of years now and it has proved to be very entertaining both for myself and readers in thirty or forty different countries! So I thought it might be time to start one that dealt with real estate--the other half of my life! I plan to put up posts about moving to and living in San Miguel, about real estate here, about retiring here, the cultural life of San Miguel, community activities and whatever else seems interesting. San Miguel is a fascinating place. I moved here from Canada nearly fifteen years ago and have never been seriously tempted to move back. I had been living in Montreal, which is a great city with a wonderful cultural life but a horrible climate. There are about two weeks in the Spring and another two in the Fall when it's nice. The rest of the time it is either too hot and humid or too cold and snowy. Six months of snow! San Miguel de Allende, on the other hand, has great weather just about all the time. It is far south, about the same latitude as Saudi Arabia, but the altitude of 6400 ft. gives it a Spring-like climate year round. The cultural life here is amazing. The foreign community here started over fifty years ago as a colony of artists and that bohemian, creative feeling is still preserved to this day. We have two major chamber music festivals here: one from September through March and the other in August, each bringing world-class artists to San Miguel. There is a jazz and blues festival that happens at different times of the year. There must be at least forty art galleries and as many excellent restaurants. There are active theater groups and an English library and newspaper. A lot of foreigners get involved in charity work and there are lots of good opportunities for that. One of the best things about San Miguel, even more important than the climate, is the people. These are wonderful people: friendly, helpful and forgiving of our fractured Spanish. They are a sociable, cheerful pe0ple and live a lower-pressure life than we are used to up North. These are just a few of the reasons why this is a good place to think about retiring to.